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UTA Ferry® - ferry booking made easy

Book your ferry online in advance to save money and avoid waiting at the ferry port!

UTA Edenred offers an extensive network of ferry companies across Europe, making it easy for you to find an economical and convenient way to plan and carry out your trip across the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel and Mediterranean Sea plus selected inland waters.

UTA ferry providers

60+ Ferry operators

UTA ferry connections

1000 ferry connections

UTA Ferry available in 45+ countries

45+ Countries

Why should you use UTA Ferry to book a ferry?

Best conditions

✓ Exclusive savings on ticket prices for UTA customers

✓ Special rates on the seven most popular European ferry routes for large customers.​​​​​​​ We'd be happy to prepare a tailored offer for you

 ✓ Processing of the ferry costs goes through your UTA billing

Best flexibility

✓  Conveniently change bookings or cancel free of charge

✓ Open tickets without fixed departure time available for selected routes

Top service

✓ Customer service available by phone in several languages daily from 07:00 - 00:00

✓ No waiting at the ticket counter

Optional on-site processing

The easiest and most flexible way to book your ferry connection is with UTA Ferry®. However, with selected ferry partners, you can also settle your fare on the spot with your UTA Card, UTA One® or Telepass EU. Simply drive to the port and settle your costs for the crossing.

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