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Fuel for every need

Comprehensive fuel tank services

With a fuel card from UTA Edenred, you have access to a comprehensive fuel station network throughout Europe. Your vehicles will be supplied with diesel or fuel at any of our partner locations. With your UTA card, you can refuel easily at over 63,200 stations in 36 countries. But there's more!

As a forward-looking company, UTA Edenred closely follows the development of alternative fuels. As part of this, we are supplying companies whose vehicle fleets use alternative or renewable energies with Europe-wide access to clean energy networks. You can settle alternative fuel costs conveniently and cashlessly with your UTA fuel card and continue along your journey.

Learn more about alternative fuel types!

The choice is yours

Use alternative fuels with UTA Edenred

Among the fuel types you can settle with your UTA fuel card at locations where UTA is accepted are:


Supply sources along your route

We'll show you where to refuel with your required fuel type

Looking for a specific type of fuel in a specific country? In our country overview, you'll find detailed information on supply sources:

In the UTA station finder, you can identify Europe-wide fuel stations that offer conventional and alternative types of fuel:

Want to save money on fuel? UTA SmartCockpit® recommends the most economical fuel stations along your route based on your specific requirements.