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The new UTA One® next

For more efficient journeys throughout Europe

The UTA One® EETS toll box has accompanied fleets on journeys throughout Europe for many years. Now, the tried and tested toll box is being replaced by a new generation: UTA One® next. The solution combines the proven benefits of UTA One® with the latest technology, taking the capabilities of the device to a whole new level. With this development step, we're making mobility even easier for you!

UTA One® next supports the future of toll processing!


  • Fixed installation protects against installation errors and minimizes the risk of penalties 

  • Real-time monitoring increases transparency for fleet managers

  • Convenient control via smartphone app

  • Compatibility with 4G mobile phone standards

  • Compact design optimizes visibility and frees up space in the cockpit

  • Control via voice guidance (voice control via artificial intelligence in preparation)

Cross European borders with EETS


UTA One® next currently supports 17 toll contexts in 15 countries: Belgium incl. Liefkenshoek tunnel, Bulgaria, Denmark (incl. bridges and ferries), Germany, France, Italy (incl. Caronte ferries), Norway (incl. ferries, bridges, tunnels and motorways), Hungary, Austria, Poland (A4, Katowice - Krakow and the e-TOLL network), Portugal, Sweden (incl. bridges and ferries), Switzerland incl. Liechtenstein, and Spain. Coverage will soon expand to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, with more markets to follow.

  • One toll box for the whole of Europe

    Just one OBU for 17 tolls - with more contexts to follow!

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  • For vehicles > 3,5t

    Can be easily attached to windscreens

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  • Attractive discounts

    TIS-PL France up to 13%; Via-T Spain up to 50%; Liefkenshoek tunnel 26%

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  • Flexible vehicle changeover

    Assign the toll box to another vehicle in your fleet

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  • Control via smartphone app

    Convenient control via smartphone app

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  • Comprehensive, real-time telematics

    Expand your UTA One® next with the functions of UTA SmartConnect® - for a transparent overview of the positions and routes of your fleet.

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  • Fixed installation

    Installation and operating errors are virtually eliminated by the fixed installation of the toll box. We also recommend that you check the fixed installation with the UTA Activation Tool so that you can drive safely and without penalty in Europe.

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  • No time-consuming paperwork

    Review critical information at a glance with a clear e-invoice

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  • Clear cost allocation

    Comprehensive individual trip reporting enables 24/7 accurate evaluations of vehicles and routes.​​​​​​​

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  • 4G network

    Compatibility with new 4G mobile phone standard (2G networks will be discontinued in the coming years).

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You can continue to use UTA One devices and services without restriction.

UTA One® – Europe's smartest toll solution

A single on-board unit providing Europe-wide toll billing for HGVs and buses

Discover the most comprehensive EETS service on the market: UTA One®. An on-board unit offering an impressive range of European toll contexts and value-added services. With new tolls flexibly unlocked 'over-the-air', swapping toll boxes while travelling through Europe becomes a thing of the past.

In addition, you can easily upgrade your UTA One® with the UTA SmartConnect® telmatics service. This provides you with a transparent overview of your fleet across Europe at all times.

More time for the essentials with UTA Edenred!

UTA One® is an all-round EETS toll box for Europe-wide billing. UTA One® is the billing solution with a multitude of possible uses and associated benefits that saves you time and cash. Add this to the UTA Plus Services that you already have via your UTA fuel card and you'll realise substantial value for your fleet and company!

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UTA One® next

Integrated toll contexts and services

  • Belgium (including the Liefkenshoek Tunnel)
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark - bridges and ferries
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy (including Caronte ferry services)
  • Norway (including ferries, bridges, tunnels and motorways)
  • Austria
  • Poland (A4, Katowice - Krakow) and the e-TOLL network
  • Portugal
  • Sweden - bridges and ferries
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Spain
  • Hungary

Stay tuned: We're continuously expanding the number of toll contexts we support!

UTA One® next advantages

  • Attractive discounts:
    Benefit from discounts with UTA One® next! Save up to 13% on tolls in the TIS-PL toll network in France, up to 50% on the Via-T network in Spain and approximately 26% on the Liefkenshoek Tunnel in Belgium! 
  • Interoperability:
    With this toll box, you will be able to process most European tolls for roads, tunnels and bridges. You can activate and deactivate contexts in the UTA Service Center in just a few clicks, around the clock.

    In addition to toll processing, the on-board unit supports ferry and parking services. Everything is electronic and cashless - through a single toll device in the cab.

    You'll also benefit from UTA One® next services in development!
  • Simple vehicle changes:
    Change the vehicle data for the on-board unit online in the UTA Service Center and reassign the toll device to another vehicle in your fleet, as required.
  • Precise billing:
    Enjoy a Europe-wide billing service from one source! All fees processed via UTA One® next are itemised and sent to you in a single, tax-optimised invoice. 
  • Reporting:
    Optimise your routes with single trip reporting. As a UTA customer, you can view and retrieve reports in the UTA Service Center at any time. You can also leverage a wide range of filters for more detailed analysis. By making reports available in Excel, you can easily use them for fleet administration.
  • Control via smartphone app
    For quick and easy operation of the device. Make weight adjustments or axle changes directly in the Telepass Truck App. There, you can also access important documentation such as the vehicle declaration and operating and installation instructions.
  • 4G network
    With UTA One next, you're prepared for the future as more countries convert their toll systems to 4G networks.

Ordering process / costs / delivery

Vehicles > 3.5 tonnes

Becoming a customer is easy - simply contact UTA customer service.

  • Are you a UTA customer?

    Simply log into the UTA Service Center where you can order your UTA One® next device right away!

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  • Not a UTA customer?

    Become a UTA customer and benefit from automated toll processing today!

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Don't have a customer number? No problem - simply contact UTA Customer Service.

Delivery time is approximately 10-12 working days after the order is placed.

Pricing is available on request. We can also supply a quote tailored to your needs.

UTA issues statements on the 15th and the last day of each month.

More information

Fixed installation of the on-board unit's cable is a prerequisite. Then, an activation tool must be used to ensure that the device has been installed correctly.

Attaching it to a windscreen is easy. To ensure correct installation, these steps must be followed:
Step 1: Permanently install the cable via a workshop of your choice
Step 2: Install the OBU in the vehicle
Step 3: Check that the OBU has been installed correctly using the activation tool provided
Step 4: Once your installation has been verified, you can begin your journey!

Detailed installation instructions can be found in the UTA Service Center and Telepass Truck App.